Oracle Divination Board
Oracle Divination Board
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Oracle Divination Board

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Divination board made with birch wood.

Divination is an ancient practice of receiving information by interpreting omens, signs, symbols, and images through the use of various technologies. This art-form is also a medium to communicate with the supernatural and thus bring forward messages that can help the querent gain insight into a question or situation. As a practice of gaining foresight, the cultivation of true awareness on the internal workings of the Cosmos has been and continues to be a useful way to receive guidance for one’s path. Board are made to order and shipping can take 3-10 business days. 

  • Astrology 
  • Qabalah Tree of Life 
  • Oracular Consciousness
  • Numerology Symbols 
  • 4 Elements 


Small 10"

Medium 15" 

Large 24"

Quantity: 1 Oracle Divination Board   


Prayer inscribed on the back: 

Greetings to You Oracle
Great Mystery 
Holy Being of the Vast Unknown
Locus of Awareness inside my body connecting me to Source at all times
Thank you for this Life and for the Beauty constantly unfolding 
I raise my voice this day and call upon you
I open my Vessel for your powers of love in action to move through me with grace and ease 
I call upon you to open my 10,000 Senses 
I call upon you to harmoniously align my will with thy will
I call upon you to guide my Ritual Workings into impeccable fruition
I call upon you o cast your protection in an unbroken circle around me
I call upon you to support me in my endeavor so that our creations are living beauty, our wounded are fully healed, our broken are carefully mended and our lost find home again.
Through this working may the journey of the Holy Beloved begin, bringing her back to her Throne to be crowned once again, as Queen of our Hearts. 
May this Magical Working be a gift offered and received, nourishing any being, human or non-human, that could benefit from a good feeling at this time. 
Blessed Be 
And so it is.