Ritual Bundle
Ritual Bundle
Ritual Bundle
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Ritual Bundle

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Divination is an ancient practice of receiving information by interpreting omens, signs, symbols, and images through the use of various technologies. This art-form is also a medium to communicate with the supernatural and thus bring forward messages that can help the querent gain insight into a question or situation. As a practice of gaining foresight, the cultivation of true awareness on the internal workings of the Cosmos has been and continues to be a useful way to receive guidance for one’s path. Board are made to order and shipping can take 3-10 business days. 

  • Astrology 
  • Qabalah Tree of Life 
  • Oracular Consciousness
  • Numerology Symbols 
  • 4 Elements 

As we begin to deepen our understanding and relationship with the Oracle Divination Board, we are now offering Divination Sets for those who would like to start working with the Board in the ways that this technology has been made known to us by the Oracle and the Board itself. These sets will include all of the fundamental tools for working with the Board, and you can choose to purchase a Board with tools or the tools alone if you already have the Board. By ordering this set, you will receive 10% off the total as opposed to ordering them individually.

For more information about how to work with the Board and develop a Divination practice of your own, please visit the Academy of Oracle Arts for the upcoming Intro to Divination Course with Isis Indriya.

The Ritual Bundle includes:

Oracle Divination Board (size of your choice)

Divination Tool Set (items listed below)

Set of 6 Medicines (frankincense, cedar, sage, tobacco, blue lotus, copal)

Oracle Crystal Ball (small)

Cauldron (small)

Professionally printed Divination Manual

Rose shaped beeswax candle

Ouroboros sticker

The Divination Tool Sets for the Board include:     $44 without Board

Astrological Dice- zodiacal, planetary, and numerological influences

Lemurian Quartz- the path moving forward

Black Tourmaline- what needs to be cleared or cleansed

Ruby- the prosperous perspective